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Mike Blumsack | Broker / Owner

Mike Blumsack | Broker / Owner

Michael Blumsack is the Owner/Broker of Blumsack Real Estate and is committed to providing outstanding service and value to his clients, community and his employees. Mike is known for developing quality working relationships with his clientele; relationships based on respect, integrity, and trust. He is proud to have developed beneficial relationships with lenders, inspectors, contractors, and a wide range of housing professionals. He pride's himself on building a solid foundation for your home to rest upon. Whether you are purchasing, selling, or both...I will ensure that you have the support you need to make sound decisions and receive the best deal possible. I will go the extra mile for you! Whether you are buying, selling, or simply considering a move, I will be happy to speak with you. Give me a call 978-317-5491 or send me an email. Email me

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