Location Location Location…Why is that so important?



You always hear location, location, location when talking about real estate. Why is that? This is a great article that points out five location characteristics when buying a home and why are they important.

Please click on this link to read the article: http://www.zillowblog.com/2013-10-11/why-location-matters-in-real-estate/



Source: Brendan Desimone from Zillow Blog.

Matthew Pitney | Partner/Agent

Matthew Pitney | Partner/Agent

Matthew Pitney has his BA and MBA from Endicott College in Communication and Business Administration. Matthew has experience in Property Management. Matthew has managed a 117 & a 240 unit apartment building in the Boston area. Matthew is a member of the Board of Trustee's at his condo complex in Waltham, a volunteer football coach for Waltham Pop Warner and a member of Boston Rugby Football Club.

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